Convert CDG to MPEG

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Convert CDG to MPEG

With CDG to MPEG Converter you can organize and batch convert CDG to MPEG and all the FLV, WMV,DVD, MP4, AVI, MP3 and WAV formats.

With the powerful and easy Convert CDG to MPEG utility, you can convert CDG format to another with different parameters including video width, video height, video codec, audio codec, video bitrate, audio bitrate, and so on.

convert cdg to mpeg

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Easy guide to convert CDG to MPEG

You have lots of CDG files and want to turn them into MPEG files? I'll show how to do this using freeware software in a few easy steps.

1. First, download CDG to MPEG Converter. It's a freeware software to convert multiple kinds of video files.
2. Install the software. If you want, install the other features also, but for this task just the video converter is needed.
3. Open Porgram Convert CDG to MPEG. On the upper right corner under the main toolbar, you'll see a plus symbol for "add file".

4. Click on this "add file". Now open the CDG file you want to convert.

TIP: You can also use the Browse to add a file.

5. On the main toolbar is written "To MPEG ". Choose it to convert your file into a MPEG file.

6. Click "Browse" under the "add file" button. Now choose the folder where you want to save your MPEG file.
7. Click "Convert Now! ", on the left bottom corner. The conversion will start.

8. Wait. The conversion may take several minutes, depending on the size of the file.

TIP: Click the Advavced button on the right bottom of the main interface to open the preview window. The Elapsed time shows how much time has gone since the beginning of the conversion process and the Remaining time shows estimated time left till the conversion finishes.

After that, the MPEG file is ready for you to watch or burn. But be aware that the conversion usually takes quality from the CDG file.

Enjoy this very easy way to convert CDG files into MPEG files. - convert cdg to mpeg, cdg to mpeg converter, .cdg file to mpeg video