Convert CDG to DVD

cdg to dvd converter, burn cdg to dvd

Convert CDG to DVD

To burn and convert CDG to DVD you have to convert your video file to a format needed for DVD (VOB) creation:

convert cdg to dvd interface

Press To DVD button on the Main Toolbar to select the necessary DVD format
Click Browse of Input File Field to select a file
Click Browse of Output File Field to select output folder and name the file
Click and the Profile downarrow to Select a DVD format.
Click the Edit button on the Main Toolbar to add the necessary effects
Press the Convert Now! button

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After that CDG to DVD Converter will convert your input file to a format needed for creation DVD depending on chosen DVD format. We'd like to draw your attention to the following: To create DVD you need not set output file name, just select the folder where the folders containing files needed for DVD creation will be located. These folders will be named as VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS.

After that the disc will be recorded using the internal program burning engine to convert cdg to dvd..

Help - Creating DVDs with Menus

Now you are able to split your DVD files into chapters and manage simple DVD authoring. Convert CDG to DVD program allows you to add single-level menus to your DVDs and select which video to choose. Please follow these simple steps to create a menu for your DVD.

Open input CDG file clicking the Browse... button
Select To DVD as output format
Click the button and add the markers indicating the beginning of each chapter using the timeline. After that close the Edit Input File(s) window


Edit Input File(s) windowTo add markers with CDG to DVD Converter:

1: The markers buttons are available when you open the Edit Input File(s) window, in case you close them click the Markes Markers button button to bring them back. After that put the timeline cursor at the position where you'd like to set a marker.
Click the Add button located. The added marker will be shown on the Timeline as a green (inactive marker) or red (active marker) rhombus.
To create a DVD menu for your video file(s), press on the Main
. After that the following window will open:


You'll see all the markers at the bottom of the DVD Menu window and all the created chapters are seen at the left hand side in the Chapters window. Here you can still add markers if you noticed that they are necessary at some places by dragging the slider and pressing the Add button.

To do it easily you can use the Show Zoom and Play buttons to zoom in the certain part of your video on the slider area and play it back.

In this CDG to DVD burner tool, it's also possible to remove the selected chapter or clear the chapter list, if you press the appropriate button.

If you click the Chapters tab situated next to the Main tab, the following window will open. The initial frames of the chapters (where you set the markers) will be placed as picture choices for your chapters.

In the Preset dropdown list, find the menu style you want. Please mind, that the current version allows you to customize the background picture or select other pictures for your chapters. Use the Change background button to do that.

To close the DVD Menu window press the Close button or the cross in the upper right corner.

Press the Convert now! button to start conversion from CDG to DVD. After conversion, it will pop up a window to ask you for burn CDG files to DVD disc. - convert cdg to dvd, cdg to dvd converter, burn cdg to dvd